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Tooth extractions are not the most popular dental treatment, but it is an indication and an insight into the oral health of a patient…

At Duncraig Dental Care in Perth we find that patients have diverse opinions about tooth extractions. Essentially, if a tooth extraction becomes necessary then the tooth in question is posing a threat to the remaining teeth in your mouth. We consider teeth to be precious, and once they come out we are not able to grow teeth to replace them. We understand how important teeth are in establishing good oral health, aligned occlusions and beautiful smiles and that is why at Duncraig Dental Care we only extract teeth if it is essential to assure your oral health and prevent potential dental problems. We have sedation dentistry options to make extractions as pain free as possible.

There can be many reasons why teeth may require extraction…

Tooth extraction can be a more complex process that requires your tooth to be pulled out from the socket of your jaw bone so the decision to remove the tooth must be for valid reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why teeth can require extraction:

Wisdom teeth…

Modern day human jaws are slowly evolving beyond the use for wisdom teeth and more people are beginning to grow into adulthood without developing wisdom teeth. In fact, many patients can have between one and four wisdom teeth in their life time. Since our jaws are no longer large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, a gradual process called impaction can occur whereby the wisdom teeth can start to push through at unusual angles (usually in the curve of the jawbone) and push against the third molar. This will cause the third molar to push the second molar into the first molar, and the first molar will push the canines into the incisors. As impaction can cause the teeth to shift, this dental concern can leave teeth weak, crooked and a vulnerable to developing enamel damage and malocclusions. Extracting wisdom teeth can remove this potential pressure on the surrounding teeth and can also prevent gum pockets from developing over the top of the wisdom teeth.

Severe gum recession and internal pulpitis infections…

Gum disease is very common and most people will suffer from some degree of gum disease in their life time. The simplest form of gum disease is gingivitis, which will cause your gums to feel sore and become inflamed. If left untreated the gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, which is deeply infected gum tissue that can begin to pull and recede from the tooth and jawbone. When this happens the tooth begins to lose some of its stability and the lower part of the tooth (the roots) can become exposed and more prone to infection.

If the tooth eventually has no stability or is suffering an extensive infection it might be necessary to extract the affected tooth. Teeth that suffer internal infections, called severe pulpitis, are usually teeth that are not able to be saved with root canal therapy and will require extraction as to avoid infecting the remaining teeth via the blood stream.

Crowded teeth…

Over-crowded teeth are often a sign that there are too many teeth present in the mouth or the mouth is not large enough to accommodate the teeth. Our dental professionals will always make a decision that will strive to keep as many of your teeth as possible but in the event that there is not enough room or you do in fact have too many teeth then a tooth extraction can be a suitable solution.

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