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We are proud to provide complete care for each of our patients…

Teeth are made of some of the strongest substances in the body and with good reason. The teeth play one of the most important functions, allowing us to communicate and survive. Without our teeth we would be unable to chew essential foods for nutrients and sustenance; we would not be able to talk to our friends and family and we definitely wouldn’t be able to flash a smile. That is why at Duncraig Dental Care we uphold a strong philosophy for complete care when it comes to dentistry. Our desire is to help patients achieve optimal oral health, because through proper oral health patients can improve their overall health. The teeth are closely interrelated to the digestive and respiratory systems and in the event of tooth troubles many patients find that they also have problems relating to these basic functions.

At Duncraig Dental Care we offer an alternative to fluoride treatment to help strengthen your teeth…

There is an overwhelming interest and public debate about the effect of fluoride in regards to tooth health and enamel strength. While some opt for the for the benefit of fluoride, many parents and public figures are concerned about the negative effects of fluoride on overall health. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and is definitely beneficial to tooth enamel strength and the prevention of tooth decay but there are many outlets for which fluoride can be found and overdosing on fluoride is where the problems of fluorosis and poisoning can become prevalent.

Fluoride can be found in:

  • Public water sources
  • Home tap water
  • Food prepared with fluoridated water
  • Toothpaste
  • Certain plastics
  • Mouth wash

With fluoride being so commonly used, at Duncraig Dental Care we offer an alternative to fluoride that can help strengthen tooth enamel and help in the fight against tooth decay.

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